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Eye of the Storm Media Productions uses a clear and simple 5-Step Design Process, to help foster a cohesive brand collateral that sets you apart in a crowded digital landscape.

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We are dedicated to revolutionizing the digital landscape by delivering cutting-edge web and graphic design solutions. Our mission is to empower brands to stand out in the digital realm, captivating their audience with visually stunning and user-centric designs that leave a lasting impression.


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5-Step Design Process



Discovery Stage

  • Clearly define the purpose of the website and/or design. Understand whether it’s for informational, e-commerce, portfolio, or other purposes.

  • Identify the target audience to tailor the design and content accordingly.

  • Define the features and functionalities required for the design. This helps in setting realistic goals and expectations.

Research and Planning Stage

  • Research other websites in your niche to identify design trends, features, and potential areas for improvement.

  • Plan the type of content (text, images, videos) that will be on the site. Consider SEO best practices for content optimization.

  • Create a rough layout or wireframe of the website to plan the structure and navigation. Develop a sitemap to visualize the hierarchy of pages.



Design Stage

  • Create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface. Pay attention to the overall layout, color schemes, typography, and branding elements.

  • Develop interactive prototypes or mockups to showcase the design and gather feedback before moving into development.

  • Ensure the design is responsive, adapting to different screen sizes and devices.

Development Stage

  • Transform the design into a functional website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Choose an appropriate Content Management System (CMS) if necessary.

  • Implement server-side functionality and database integration if required.

  • Thoroughly test the website for functionality, performance, and cross-browser compatibility.





  • Deploy the website to a hosting server and make it live for public access.

  • Keep an eye on the website’s performance, user feedback, and analytics. Address any issues that arise.